Catering for a low-key Christmas dinner

15 August 2017
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As Christmas gets closer, it's a good idea to start thinking about the kinds of food that you want to serve and how you want to source them so that you can have the kind of Christmas that you want. If you are catering your Christmas dinner but don't want to spend the whole day slaving over a stove (and who does, on a super hot Christmas Day), it can be a great idea to plan ahead and order some items from local food suppliers. 


If you are dreaming about some juicy steaks and tasty fish but don't want to spend the day cooking, why not connect with your local butcher and organise some pre-cut fillets that you can pick up the night before. These can be easily cooked on the barbecue grill, which is a quick way to cook and means that you don't have to heat up the house. 


Rather than a hot side such as pasta or rices, you can opt for some fresh gourmet bread. You can choose a range of bread types so that you can easily cater for any size of function and can have an option to suit everyone. You can even make sure that you have some gluten free bread rolls if you have some gluten sensitive people coming to your party. Be sure to get your order in early as many offices and factories that have people working on Christmas Day order food for their workers and will have put their large orders in months in advance. 


A simple but delicious option for desert can be to have some fresh fruit and ice-cream. You can accompany this with some gourmet toppings or even use special waffle cones or waters to make the desert taste extra special. (Try asking the baker if they have some special Christmas themed items that can be used for your Christmas Day ice-cream deserts).

This can be a great time to get a bit thematic and add some Christmas touches like using sparkly confectioner dust, star shaped sprinkles and red and green ice creams or sorbets. These can be customised by each of the guests to their tastes which takes a lot of pressure of the host and even gets rid of a plate which make cleaning up easier too!  

Christmas is a great time to sit back and enjoy a meal with friends and family. By planning ahead as the host you can make sure that you are free to enjoy the meal and not spend too much time in the kitchen.