Catering for a low-key Christmas dinner

15 August 2017
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As Christmas gets closer, it's a good idea to start thinking about the kinds of food that you want to serve and how you want to source them so that you can have the kind of Christmas that you want. If you are catering your Christmas dinner but don't want to spend the whole day slaving over a stove (and who does, on a super hot Christmas Day), it can be a great idea to plan ahead and order some items from local food suppliers. Read More 

Reasons Why Your Pastries May Not Be So Great And What You Can Do About It

1 October 2015
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You do not have to be a top chef to make great pastries, but you need to be a careful one. In other words, you must be careful in the way you prepare pastries. A pastry is made from a mixture of flour, fat and water. To make a great pastry, all these ingredients must be balanced correctly; there should be no shortage or excess of one of the ingredients. In addition to ingredients, problems may also surface due to wrong preparations methods. Read More